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Pre-Owned Office Chairs: The Best Types for Long-Term Seating

Pre-Owned Office ChairsThere is a growing body of evidence that suggests that sitting for extended periods can lead to various health complications. Issues like herniated discs and circulatory problems will impact a person’s quality of life and may even shorten their life expectancy.

This might seem like working a desk job can be hazardous to one’s health. However, there are ways to mitigate the damage that prolonged sitting might cause. One such move is to choose new or pre-owned office chairs that are specially designed for a work environment.

Ergonomics, Task Chairs, and You

You may have heard the phrase ergonomic come up from time to time. The truth is it isn’t a marketing buzzword: it’s an area of study that is dedicated to designing furniture and equipment that minimizes strenuous motion during a workday. On top of that, the field promotes work and lifestyle habits, which promote good spine and circulatory health.

Ergonomics invests much in how people sit. Many companies have gone to great lengths to develop seating that won’t negatively impact health. One such development is the ergonomic task chair.

Task chairs are specially designed for work at a desk. They possess several features, like lumbar support, and a myriad of adjustments for seat height, armrest positions, and even headrests.

Task chairs are available in a variety of styles and designs, and they can be paired with an adjustable table for even more customization. When considering new or pre-owned office chairs, make sure the task style is at the top of your list of considerations.

How an Office Furniture Specialist Can Direct You to the Best Place to Buy Furniture

Best Place to Buy Office FurnitureIt is essential to identify that there is no such thing as “the best place to buy office furniture.” By having the relevant knowledge and defining your buying goals, it is easy to find office furniture that will best fit your workplace.

Of course, learning the nuances of what makes a product good or bad will take time and energy–and it is understandable not to commit your resources to such specialized subject matter. In these instances, you may want to request the services of an office furniture specialist.

Your Consultant and Office Design Ally

As the name implies, an office furniture specialist is well-versed in designing and implementing a workplace layout that best fits a client’s business or practical needs. They can serve in different capacities. For instance, a specialist might be able to incorporate interior design elements to improve your branding, while also having a keen eye for implementing ergonomics into your work floor.

Most importantly, they also serve as furniture consultants. They can help you find the types of furniture that are appropriate for different settings. From the lobby to customer-facing positions to call center floors, they will assist in designing a workplace that keeps pace with your office’s various operations.

By working with a furniture specialist or consultant, you can invest your resources towards products that leave the best possible impact. Many furniture stores have an office furniture specialist on-staff who can advise customers in furniture selection and workplace design.

New and Used Office Furniture: Does One Type Have an Advantage?

New and Used Office FurnitureThere is a longstanding debate on whether office managers should choose between new and used office furniture for their employees. Both sides of the proverbial table have their benefits and disadvantages. This article will go over the merits of buying both new and used.

Insights on New Office Furniture

There is always going to be an appeal in buying something new. Nobody else has used that chair, table, or desk before, so they will look their best and operate as intended. The condition of the furniture can also leave a positive first impression on visitors. Many manufacturers will also offer warranties or replacement guarantees on these pieces to cover for defects.

Used Office Furniture: Saving Money, Saving Grace?

Used office furniture can come in a variety of conditions so, it is important to visually inspect the furniture prior to purchase.

Despite the differences in condition and potential performance, there is merit in buying used office furniture. The first advantage is the cost. It is possible to get a quality product for less money.

Ultimately, choosing between new and used office furniture will eventually be based on your budget, office layout goals, and business needs. Consider your options carefully and have a plan in place before visiting your local furniture store.

Choosing Commercial Office Furniture for an Accounting Firm

Commercial Office FurnitureDesigning an office environment for accountants can be challenging–but it isn’t impossible. If you have been tasked with designing a work area, it is crucial to prioritize the safety and comfort of your employees.

Comfortable and healthy employees are happy ones–which also means they will be more productive. As a result, your business will flourish. Keeping this mindset to heart, here are a few types of commercial office furniture you can utilize to meet your goals.

What to Look for in Office Furniture

Before haphazardly picking the first chair or table you see and ordering them in bulk, it’s important to try before you buy. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes: would you want to work eight or more hours a day at a station that doesn’t feel right? Here are a few characteristics you will want to look out for when choosing commercial office furniture, separated by type.

Chairs: Chairs are probably one of the most important facets of an employee’s workstation. A bad chair promotes bad posture and circulatory problems, which can lead to injuries and long-term complications. Look for a task chair, which is a chair designed specifically for an office environment. These chairs should have lumbar support and controls to adjust seat heat and arm position.

Tables: A table or desktop is the place where all a worker’s essentials are organized. A rising trend in the office wellness movement is the ergonomic table, which allows a user to adjust the height. Depending on the model, this can give a user the freedom to stand or sit while working.

When shopping for commercial office furniture, it is always essential to consult with your workers before placing a bulk order. Encourage your office to hold surveys or in-office product demonstrations so that you can gain a better idea of what your employees want. You can also work with an office furniture specialist to get recommendations or design ideas.

How to Find the Perfect Used Desk

Pre-Owned DesksWith so many different pre-owned desks to choose from, it can be challenging to pick a style. Follow these tips to narrow your search.

Consider How You’ll Use the Desk

If you’ll mostly be using the desk for computer work, look for a model with sufficient space to store the equipment and built-in holes for wires. For paperwork-heavy roles, surface space should be the priority. When a role requires frequent face-to-face meetings, you’ll want to find a pre-owned desk that’s both practical and attractive.

Prioritize Ergonomics

No matter what the desk duties involve, the furniture needs to be as ergonomic as possible. For example, the desk should be a comfortable height for the user, particularly in terms of leg clearance and keyboard position. Curved edges are also preferred over sharp edges. You may also want to consider getting a standing desk, which is more affordable when bought used.

Check for Quality and Durability

While pre-owned desks are typically like-new in terms of quality and durability, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what you’re buying. Ask about the refurbishment process, if applicable, and find out how old the model is.

Check out the selections we have for sale and place an order online today.

Filing Away Old Receipt Information

Used Office File CabinetsAs a business owner, you’ll want to keep your receipts and other important records for tax purposes and similar needs. However, you’ll be cursing yourself later if you just throw everything in a drawer with no sense of order. The following are some tips for filing and organizing your receipts to simplify tax season.

Utilize a File Cabinet

By choosing used office file cabinets, you get an effective organization tool while also saving money. File cabinets are specifically built to keep your essential documents in order. Furthermore, many models are also designed to protect papers from water and fire damage.

Sort by Date

While there are many filing systems you could implement, sorting by date is probably the simplest. Label folders by date and year and make a point to put receipts into the appropriate folder as soon as possible. Depending on how many documents you acquire in the course of business, you may want to label folders by quarter or week instead.

Keep Digital Records

Keep Digital Records

A used office file cabinet will keep your documents secure, but it never hurts to have backup copies. Nowadays, many apps exist that allow you to scan and save a digital record of your receipt quickly

Why Used Office Furniture is a Wise Investment

New and Used Office FurnitureAs you shop for new and used office furniture, you may wonder whether it is worthwhile to buy pre-owned items. Will they last long enough to meet your needs? How well will used items fit into your workspace? The good news is that used office furniture is often a wise investment, especially when you purchase it from a reputable company known for the quality of its products.

Built to Last

Furniture is built to stand up to daily wear and tear, and business furniture is no different. Many models look and act like new even after being used every workday for years. In fact, you may be hard-pressed to tell the difference between new and used office furniture.

Furthermore, “pre-owned” applies to a wide range of products, including furniture that was purchased and used only once or twice. Rather than paying full price for a new product, you can save significantly by getting furniture that’s like-new.

Carefully Refurbished

Even pre-owned furniture that has been used frequently can be restored to like-new condition with detailed repairs and cleaning. An experienced new and used office furniture seller will have the tools and skills necessary to fix any minor damage and blemishes so that the product is ready to be used again.

Selecting Office Furniture for Your IT Department

Commercial Office FurnitureYour IT team works hard to keep your business operating smoothly. They need – and deserve – functional, ergonomic, and attractive furniture for their workspace. The following are some things to pay particular attention to when shopping for commercial office furniture for your IT department.

Chairs and Desks

Like most other office employees, your IT specialists spend a lot of time sitting down at their computers. While sitting and typing may not seem particularly taxing, research shows that these long sedentary periods can wreak havoc on a person’s spine and overall health. That’s why it’s crucial to select ergonomic options that also deliver the practical features your staff needs and that match your décor.

One important ergonomic feature to look for in commercial office furniture is the ability to adjust the height. Adjustable chairs are relatively common, but your options for desks may be narrower. Ideally, your IT professionals should have desks that can transition from sitting mode to standing mode.


Unlike most other office employees, your IT team likely spends a good deal of time managing equipment. Whether they’re doing a hardware inventory, assembling computers, or something else, they’ll need a surface to work on. Look for a table that offers plenty of space and is also high enough for someone to bend over comfortably.

Finding the Right Office Chair for Your Back

Pre-Owned Office ChairsWhen you work a desk job, you know you spend hours and hours sitting in front of a computer. Would it surprise you to learn that someone who works 40 hours a week would spend about 1,900 hours at that desk and in that chair in one year? That’s what makes it critical to choose pre-owned office chairs that meet ergonomic standards.

How do you find the right chair? These features are essential:

  • Adjustable Levers — People come all different sizes, but chairs don’t. With levers, you can change that chair to accommodate your body. Adjust the seat, arms, and back, so you feel comfortable sitting in that chair for hours at a time.
  • Support for Your Lower Back — When sitting for long periods, your back needs support in the lumbar region to avoid strain. Look for a chair with adjustable support so you can make it accommodate your lower back. Back strain over time can lead to sciatica.
  • Swivel Movement — You want to be able to reach all areas of the desk without strain. Having a chair that swivels allows you to turn the chair to reach the farthest edges.
  • Wheels on the Base — Even though you’re sitting, you still need to have access to move around in your chair. This is why pre-owned office chairs with wheels are superior to one with four legs.

Locking Up Vital Information

Used Office File CabinetsYou may not have as many paper files as you did in the past, but you still need many to store key documents. These need to be locked away to prevent the unwanted release of company plans and reports, as well as customers’ or employees’ personal information. For the paperwork that must be protected, select used office file cabinets. Here are the arguments in favor of buying refurbished:

  • File cabinets are built to be sturdy and long-lasting. With a little bit of work, older cabinets are made to operate as good as new, with locks and keys that work reliably. Buying used saves you money.
  • More and more companies are becoming environmentally conscious. So, instead of wasting natural resources, opt to purchase refurbished cabinets. This decision decreases the amount of garbage going into landfills.
  • It’s usually quicker to buy used office file cabinets that are available in a supplier’s stockroom than to order new cabinets that take weeks to make.

Choose quality brands of used office equipment that have stood the test of time. These include Allsteel, Global, Herman Miller, Hon, and Meridian. Make use of these purchasing decisions to buy refurbished file cabinets for your office. The savings and safety are well worth your investment.