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Selecting Office Furniture for Your IT Department

Commercial Office FurnitureYour IT team works hard to keep your business operating smoothly. They need – and deserve – functional, ergonomic, and attractive furniture for their workspace. The following are some things to pay particular attention to when shopping for commercial office furniture for your IT department.

Chairs and Desks

Like most other office employees, your IT specialists spend a lot of time sitting down at their computers. While sitting and typing may not seem particularly taxing, research shows that these long sedentary periods can wreak havoc on a person’s spine and overall health. That’s why it’s crucial to select ergonomic options that also deliver the practical features your staff needs and that match your décor.

One important ergonomic feature to look for in commercial office furniture is the ability to adjust the height. Adjustable chairs are relatively common, but your options for desks may be narrower. Ideally, your IT professionals should have desks that can transition from sitting mode to standing mode.


Unlike most other office employees, your IT team likely spends a good deal of time managing equipment. Whether they’re doing a hardware inventory, assembling computers, or something else, they’ll need a surface to work on. Look for a table that offers plenty of space and is also high enough for someone to bend over comfortably.