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Posts made in May 2019

Businessman making phone calls sitting at his desk

How to Measure Your Office to Make Sure Furniture Fits

The best place to buy office furniture is a dealer with high-quality products at reasonable prices. It is a simple answer, but when you think about it a bit more, there are other things to consider.

A great company gives you advice and guidance to pick the perfect furniture. They help you ensure that the desk or filing cabinet you are considering is going to fit your office. There is no point in buying a conference table only to find out when it arrives that it takes up so much room you cannot put chairs around it.

At Ergo Office Furniture, we would hate to see you in that situation, so our team has assembled some ideas to keep in mind when shopping for furniture. With the proper measurements in hand, you are sure to get the furniture you want in the sizes you need.

The Shape of Things to Come

Check to see if you have a CAD drawing of your space. That will provide exact measurements of the space, doors, columns, etc. If you do not have a CAD drawing:

First, measure the office; it is an obvious step but easy to overlook in the excitement of the moment. Once you have a baseline, measure some more to learn the size of the doors. It saves many headaches when you do not have to push and pull pieces through every opening forcefully. The shape of things to come to your office should not be incompatible with your space.

Buy pieces that are not overwhelming. You need to leave space for people to work comfortably and move around the office. Finally, choose storage options that are efficient and fit in well.

The best place to buy office furniture is a store that sells quality products at affordable prices. Shop with Ergo Office Furniture LLC today to find everything you need and more.

Businessman making a phone call at his desk

What Size Desks Do Your Employees Need?

Choosing furniture for your business can be challenging, especially when you are shopping for a variety of different roles. The type of desk an office manager needs is very different from the desk that’s best-suited for a customer service rep. Either way, there are quite a few elements to consider before you decide on office furniture in Indiana.

For one thing, you need a good understanding of your business’s physical workspace. Not all offices are large enough to support an open concept-style setup–nor should they. If privacy, noise control, and security are concerns, it is a smart idea to opt for cubicles or divided desks – known as desking.

Another important factor is role. Managers and supervisors often require more storage space for paperwork, supplies, and accessories than the employees they supervise. Ensure they have enough storage by choosing desks that come with drawers, cabinets, and other nooks for day-to-day items.

Finally, consider your bottom line. If large tables and desks are what you need, you do not have to shell out to get them. Many office furniture suppliers carry preowned items that look and perform nearly as well as their newer counterparts. If you do not mind using preowned furniture, this option may be an excellent compromise for your budget.

Explore the many different types of office furniture in Indiana when you shop with Ergo Office Furniture today. You can save by investing in our pre-owned desks and tables whenever possible.

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How to Determine Your Office’s Furniture Needs

When you are searching for the best place to buy office furniture in Indiana, pricing is important, but it is not everything. It is also essential to consider your employees’ needs, especially in terms of physical space.

One way to do that is by thinking about their day-to-day routines. For example, if most of your team’s work involves sitting and typing, they may only need small, simple desks–especially if space is at a premium. On the other hand, if your team is regularly responsible for projects that require lots of counter space, you may want to invest in more spacious tables suitable for group work.

Another critical factor to consider is ergonomics. Desks with adjustable heights are perfect for employees who prefer to stand and work, as well as employees whose health concerns prevent them from sitting for long periods. Standing workstations are becoming more and more popular all of the time.

Finally, think about how frequently your team meets. If meetings are quite frequent, it is vital to have a decently sized table with comfortable chairs for everyone. Best of all, if you set this table up in a separate room, the space can double as a meeting area for guests, customers, and partners.

Find the best place to buy office furniture based on your needs when you shop at Ergo Office Furniture. Contact us today to inquire about all of our available products.