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Posts made in June 2019

Female executive expressing ideas during a meeting

4 Tips on Furnishing Your Conference Room

What is the most numerous piece of furniture in an office? If you answered chairs, you are right.

Think about it; there is at least one chair at each desk, and sometimes more. Then there are chairs around each conference table. (We are not even counting chairs in the break room or reception area.) Those numbers quickly add up and so can the bill if you buy brand new chairs, but a smart and effective option for furnishing your office and conference room is pre-owned office chairs.

The conference room is where meetings happen, and executives make decisions that drive the company forward. They want to focus on the task at hand, not on the chairs they are sitting in, so make sure you have the best possible chairs in place. Comfortable and supportive chairs are the key, and, of course, it certainly helps if all of the chairs match.

The other crucial element in a conference room is the very focal point — the table. It needs to be big enough to comfortably fit everyone in the meeting with room left over for visitors or guests. The table also needs to convey the mindset of your office; for example, a law firm is going to want a stately looking table, while a computer gaming company is likely going to follow a more whimsical and modern path.

Add the right communications equipment like a computer, projector, and conference-calling phone, and you are in business.

Pre-owned office chairs are an effective solution for furnishing your workplace. Find the pieces you need for your business at Ergo Office Furniture LLC.