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New and Used Office Furniture: Does One Type Have an Advantage?

New and Used Office FurnitureThere is a longstanding debate on whether office managers should choose between new and used office furniture for their employees. Both sides of the proverbial table have their benefits and disadvantages. This article will go over the merits of buying both new and used.

Insights on New Office Furniture

There is always going to be an appeal in buying something new. Nobody else has used that chair, table, or desk before, so they will look their best and operate as intended. The condition of the furniture can also leave a positive first impression on visitors. Many manufacturers will also offer warranties or replacement guarantees on these pieces to cover for defects.

Used Office Furniture: Saving Money, Saving Grace?

Used office furniture can come in a variety of conditions so, it is important to visually inspect the furniture prior to purchase.

Despite the differences in condition and potential performance, there is merit in buying used office furniture. The first advantage is the cost. It is possible to get a quality product for less money.

Ultimately, choosing between new and used office furniture will eventually be based on your budget, office layout goals, and business needs. Consider your options carefully and have a plan in place before visiting your local furniture store.