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Filing Away Old Receipt Information

Used Office File CabinetsAs a business owner, you’ll want to keep your receipts and other important records for tax purposes and similar needs. However, you’ll be cursing yourself later if you just throw everything in a drawer with no sense of order. The following are some tips for filing and organizing your receipts to simplify tax season.

Utilize a File Cabinet

By choosing used office file cabinets, you get an effective organization tool while also saving money. File cabinets are specifically built to keep your essential documents in order. Furthermore, many models are also designed to protect papers from water and fire damage.

Sort by Date

While there are many filing systems you could implement, sorting by date is probably the simplest. Label folders by date and year and make a point to put receipts into the appropriate folder as soon as possible. Depending on how many documents you acquire in the course of business, you may want to label folders by quarter or week instead.

Keep Digital Records

Keep Digital Records

A used office file cabinet will keep your documents secure, but it never hurts to have backup copies. Nowadays, many apps exist that allow you to scan and save a digital record of your receipt quickly