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Filing Away Old Receipt Information

Used Office File CabinetsAs a business owner, you’ll want to keep your receipts and other important records for tax purposes and similar needs. However, you’ll be cursing yourself later if you just throw everything in a drawer with no sense of order. The following are some tips for filing and organizing your receipts to simplify tax season.

Utilize a File Cabinet

By choosing used office file cabinets, you get an effective organization tool while also saving money. File cabinets are specifically built to keep your essential documents in order. Furthermore, many models are also designed to protect papers from water and fire damage.

Sort by Date

While there are many filing systems you could implement, sorting by date is probably the simplest. Label folders by date and year and make a point to put receipts into the appropriate folder as soon as possible. Depending on how many documents you acquire in the course of business, you may want to label folders by quarter or week instead.

Keep Digital Records

Keep Digital Records

A used office file cabinet will keep your documents secure, but it never hurts to have backup copies. Nowadays, many apps exist that allow you to scan and save a digital record of your receipt quickly

Locking Up Vital Information

Used Office File CabinetsYou may not have as many paper files as you did in the past, but you still need many to store key documents. These need to be locked away to prevent the unwanted release of company plans and reports, as well as customers’ or employees’ personal information. For the paperwork that must be protected, select used office file cabinets. Here are the arguments in favor of buying refurbished:

  • File cabinets are built to be sturdy and long-lasting. With a little bit of work, older cabinets are made to operate as good as new, with locks and keys that work reliably. Buying used saves you money.
  • More and more companies are becoming environmentally conscious. So, instead of wasting natural resources, opt to purchase refurbished cabinets. This decision decreases the amount of garbage going into landfills.
  • It’s usually quicker to buy used office file cabinets that are available in a supplier’s stockroom than to order new cabinets that take weeks to make.

Choose quality brands of used office equipment that have stood the test of time. These include Allsteel, Global, Herman Miller, Hon, and Meridian. Make use of these purchasing decisions to buy refurbished file cabinets for your office. The savings and safety are well worth your investment.

Managing Your Filing Cabinets

Used Office File CabinetsWhile more and more paperwork is being stored digitally, most offices today still have a reliance on classic paper documents. In many situations, these documents need to be in a secure location that is easy to look through when a specific document is required. One of the best ways to do that is to find the right new and used office file cabinets to fit your particular needs and space.

There are five significant steps that you should consider when you are looking to organize your filing system better. They include:

  • Assess Personal & Office Habits – The very first step is to think about which employees need access to your paper files, where these employees are located, and what sort of filing system works best for their area of the office.
  • Decide on a Filing System – Before you start putting paperwork away in the filing cabinets, you should consider how you want to file the documents so that they are easy to search through. You might consider registering things alphabetically, numerically, or in a way that makes the best sense for your business.
  • Calculate Your Storage Needs – The more files you have, or will have, should dictate how much filing space you purchase. Remember to think about both your current needs as well as your long-term ones so you don’t have to redesign things shortly down the road.
  • Invest in a Good Labeling System – By labeling your files in an efficient and effective manner, you can cut down just how much time it takes to find the paperwork you are looking for at any given time.
  • Purchase File Folders – One of the best investments you can make outside of buying the filing cabinets themselves is to purchase file folders. Colored hanging folders make it easy for you to browse large rows of files to get right where you need to go.

The Importance of File Cabinets in the 21st Century Office

Used Office File CabinetsWhile the looks of offices have changed throughout the years, a staple that hasn’t changed is the need for storage. The 21st-century office needs used office file cabinets. These pieces of furniture are a necessity because they help you manage essential paperwork easily. They will last for many years, giving you the ability to maintain records for quite some time.

These pieces are perfect for modern offices because they give customers the ability to keep physical copies of files handy. Additionally, they are great options for safeguarding relevant paperwork that you want to file digitally. They also have the following advantages:

  • Reduces Clutter
  • Keeps Offices More Organized
  • Holds Large Amounts of Files
  • Locking Versions Available

Finding used office file cabinets for your location is simple when you turn to Ergo Office Furniture. This company is known for its pre-owned furniture because they carry a wide variety of well-made storage cabinets. By investing in file cabinets, you can make sure your office is equipped with everything you and your employees will need to store essential documents. Consider adding them to your workspace today!

Used office file cabinets

How to Determine the Best File Cabinets for Your Office

Keeping your office neat and tidy not only shows professionalism, but it helps you stay productive throughout the day. Nothing can be more essential to storage and organization than a file cabinet. Though much information is now stored digitally, having a physical file cabinet in the office can be extremely beneficial for all of those physical documents.

There are many different types of filing cabinets available. At Ergo Office Furniture, we offer used office file cabinets in fantastic condition to help you increase your storage options without over-spending. Below are a variety of filing cabinet types and how they may benefit your office.

Lateral filing cabinets: This type of storage unit has drawers that extend lengthwise across the cabinet. The drawer is wider, but not as deep as some other filing options. You obtain more filing inches with a lateral file cabinet. They come in 2, 3, 4, and 5-drawers.

Vertical filing cabinets: Vertical cabinets had drawers that extend from the shorter side of the cabinet. This makes the units much taller and deeper than the lateral option. Though these cabinets are slimmer, they will need ample space to be used properly.

Mobile filing cabinets: A mobile cabinet has small wheels on the bottom, allowing it to be moved throughout the office. Mobile filing cabinets are an easy way to transport files from place to place, and to store it out of the way when not in use.