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Selecting Chairs for Your Break Areas

Commercial Office FurnitureSeating varies a great deal in style and material, depending on its use. When choosing commercial office furniture, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out plan for design and selection before you purchase. Working with a trusted supplier helps you to find furniture that suits the needs of the space and those using it.

For example, buying chairs for the break room takes careful consideration. Are you looking for break room sets, such as tables and chairs for eating lunch and chatting with co-workers? Or, are you interested in comfortable chairs for conversation? It’s possible to find all of these options at the same place, along with knowledgeable recommendations, to reduce the time you spend shopping.

Break area options are available as tables and matching chairs, and even matching benches. You want this room to be a place employees can enjoy lunch, a snack, or a conversation. Then, too, you might want to include armchairs in break areas. This allows workers to relax and reflect or chat with co-workers in comfort.

Making sure your employees have dedicated spaces with the right furniture shows consideration and contributes indirectly to the bottom line. After all, workers who have the time and space to relax are more productive and efficient.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Lobby Chair

Commercial Office FurnitureWho would think chairs would be so important? Actually, they are. For instance, when you work and sit in a chair all day long, it’s essential that piece of furniture is comfortable and functional. Just about everyone has a favorite chair at home – one that you always sit in to watch sports. The selection of commercial office furniture is equally important, but for different reasons. Take these factors into consideration when choosing the right chairs for your lobby:

Appearance – Customers, patients, and guests will see the chairs in the lobby when they first walk in. Consider the impression you are trying to create; fun, professional, or luxurious. You can add color or interesting shapes for fun, classic colors and styles for a professional look, or high-end chairs and sofas for luxury.

Comfort – Chairs that are easy to sit in are the ones that enhance the customer experience. Plus, it’s crucial to remember, the longer people sit and wait, the more thought you should give to comfort.

Number – A busy doctor’s office needs many more chairs than does a lawyer in private practice. However, the minimum amount is at least two for balance and surprise guests.

Length of Wait – When the wait time is short, the chairs don’t need deep padded cushions. A more functional chair suits this lobby perfectly well.

Look to an established office furniture dealer to answer questions and help you make selections that work for your business.

Make Sure Your Staff Has Comfortable Seating

Commercial Office FurnitureSince today’s office routines involve many sedentary tasks, the quality of your employees’ seating directly affects the quality of their work. Inadequate office chairs will adversely impact your team’s concentration and motivation. If you want to ensure that your company is better prepared to consistently deliver optimal output, you need to evaluate your seating situation.

Ergonomic desk chairs that feature adjustable seat and armrest heights while providing lumbar support will help your employees excel during long hours at their desks. This style of seating is a staple of commercial office furniture. With these chairs, your employees can comfortably settle into the day’s tasks and perform their best.

Workplace comfort facilitates productivity in more than one way. Padded, adjustable chairs make it easier for your employees to work at their desks. Comfort also enhances their sense of wellbeing. Your choice in seating ultimately translates to the positive atmosphere of the work environment.

Ergo Office Furniture LLC offers a variety of office chairs. We even provide quality pre-owned seating that allows you to make the most of your budget. An investment in comfortable office furniture is an investment in your staff. When you give your team the right seating, you are setting them up to be more positive and productive.