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Choosing Commercial Office Furniture for an Accounting Firm

Commercial Office FurnitureDesigning an office environment for accountants can be challenging–but it isn’t impossible. If you have been tasked with designing a work area, it is crucial to prioritize the safety and comfort of your employees.

Comfortable and healthy employees are happy ones–which also means they will be more productive. As a result, your business will flourish. Keeping this mindset to heart, here are a few types of commercial office furniture you can utilize to meet your goals.

What to Look for in Office Furniture

Before haphazardly picking the first chair or table you see and ordering them in bulk, it’s important to try before you buy. Put yourself in your employees’ shoes: would you want to work eight or more hours a day at a station that doesn’t feel right? Here are a few characteristics you will want to look out for when choosing commercial office furniture, separated by type.

Chairs: Chairs are probably one of the most important facets of an employee’s workstation. A bad chair promotes bad posture and circulatory problems, which can lead to injuries and long-term complications. Look for a task chair, which is a chair designed specifically for an office environment. These chairs should have lumbar support and controls to adjust seat heat and arm position.

Tables: A table or desktop is the place where all a worker’s essentials are organized. A rising trend in the office wellness movement is the ergonomic table, which allows a user to adjust the height. Depending on the model, this can give a user the freedom to stand or sit while working.

When shopping for commercial office furniture, it is always essential to consult with your workers before placing a bulk order. Encourage your office to hold surveys or in-office product demonstrations so that you can gain a better idea of what your employees want. You can also work with an office furniture specialist to get recommendations or design ideas.

Selecting Office Furniture for Your IT Department

Commercial Office FurnitureYour IT team works hard to keep your business operating smoothly. They need – and deserve – functional, ergonomic, and attractive furniture for their workspace. The following are some things to pay particular attention to when shopping for commercial office furniture for your IT department.

Chairs and Desks

Like most other office employees, your IT specialists spend a lot of time sitting down at their computers. While sitting and typing may not seem particularly taxing, research shows that these long sedentary periods can wreak havoc on a person’s spine and overall health. That’s why it’s crucial to select ergonomic options that also deliver the practical features your staff needs and that match your décor.

One important ergonomic feature to look for in commercial office furniture is the ability to adjust the height. Adjustable chairs are relatively common, but your options for desks may be narrower. Ideally, your IT professionals should have desks that can transition from sitting mode to standing mode.


Unlike most other office employees, your IT team likely spends a good deal of time managing equipment. Whether they’re doing a hardware inventory, assembling computers, or something else, they’ll need a surface to work on. Look for a table that offers plenty of space and is also high enough for someone to bend over comfortably.

Modern Office Furniture vs. Vintage Designs

Commercial Office FurnitureThat vintage furniture may look pretty, but when you consider what it lacks in ergonomics, you see the benefit of upgrading to the latest designs. This is because today’s commercial office furniture has the worker in mind — the worker who spends eight hours a day, five days a week at that desk and chair.

Ergonomics may not have even been a word when some older model office furniture was made. In those days, not as many people worked a desk job. But today, when so many people sit in front of a computer, a desk and chair that accommodate the human body make a big difference — in comfort and productivity.

Looking & Functioning Differently

Today’s commercial office furniture looks a whole lot different because it’s made using ergonomic principles. For example, some desks are made for people with back concerns. These allow them to adjust their desks so they can stand up all day or even part of the day. What a difference this makes for people who suffer from back problems. With these changes, they’re able to focus on work instead of the pain, which makes for a happier, more productive worker.

Modern chairs are different, too. They’re large, adjustable, and woven with air holes to allow for breathing space, as well as strength. These are designed to swivel and move easily to accommodate the users better. And despite a light appearance, they’re durable enough to last for years. Employers find these ergonomic models are much better for business.

Selecting Chairs for Your Break Areas

Commercial Office FurnitureSeating varies a great deal in style and material, depending on its use. When choosing commercial office furniture, it’s essential to have a well-thought-out plan for design and selection before you purchase. Working with a trusted supplier helps you to find furniture that suits the needs of the space and those using it.

For example, buying chairs for the break room takes careful consideration. Are you looking for break room sets, such as tables and chairs for eating lunch and chatting with co-workers? Or, are you interested in comfortable chairs for conversation? It’s possible to find all of these options at the same place, along with knowledgeable recommendations, to reduce the time you spend shopping.

Break area options are available as tables and matching chairs, and even matching benches. You want this room to be a place employees can enjoy lunch, a snack, or a conversation. Then, too, you might want to include armchairs in break areas. This allows workers to relax and reflect or chat with co-workers in comfort.

Making sure your employees have dedicated spaces with the right furniture shows consideration and contributes indirectly to the bottom line. After all, workers who have the time and space to relax are more productive and efficient.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Lobby Chair

Commercial Office FurnitureWho would think chairs would be so important? Actually, they are. For instance, when you work and sit in a chair all day long, it’s essential that piece of furniture is comfortable and functional. Just about everyone has a favorite chair at home – one that you always sit in to watch sports. The selection of commercial office furniture is equally important, but for different reasons. Take these factors into consideration when choosing the right chairs for your lobby:

Appearance – Customers, patients, and guests will see the chairs in the lobby when they first walk in. Consider the impression you are trying to create; fun, professional, or luxurious. You can add color or interesting shapes for fun, classic colors and styles for a professional look, or high-end chairs and sofas for luxury.

Comfort – Chairs that are easy to sit in are the ones that enhance the customer experience. Plus, it’s crucial to remember, the longer people sit and wait, the more thought you should give to comfort.

Number – A busy doctor’s office needs many more chairs than does a lawyer in private practice. However, the minimum amount is at least two for balance and surprise guests.

Length of Wait – When the wait time is short, the chairs don’t need deep padded cushions. A more functional chair suits this lobby perfectly well.

Look to an established office furniture dealer to answer questions and help you make selections that work for your business.

Make Sure Your Staff Has Comfortable Seating

Commercial Office FurnitureSince today’s office routines involve many sedentary tasks, the quality of your employees’ seating directly affects the quality of their work. Inadequate office chairs will adversely impact your team’s concentration and motivation. If you want to ensure that your company is better prepared to consistently deliver optimal output, you need to evaluate your seating situation.

Ergonomic desk chairs that feature adjustable seat and armrest heights while providing lumbar support will help your employees excel during long hours at their desks. This style of seating is a staple of commercial office furniture. With these chairs, your employees can comfortably settle into the day’s tasks and perform their best.

Workplace comfort facilitates productivity in more than one way. Padded, adjustable chairs make it easier for your employees to work at their desks. Comfort also enhances their sense of wellbeing. Your choice in seating ultimately translates to the positive atmosphere of the work environment.

Ergo Office Furniture LLC offers a variety of office chairs. We even provide quality pre-owned seating that allows you to make the most of your budget. An investment in comfortable office furniture is an investment in your staff. When you give your team the right seating, you are setting them up to be more positive and productive.