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Which Tables Are Best for Your Meeting Rooms

Office Furniture in IndianaThe classic table in a meeting room is that long rectangular conference table that boards of corporations, members of a work team, and lawyers and their clients gather around. However, that table can be an oval, circle, or even square depending on the purpose it serves. For help in making wise buying decisions, seek advice from professionals who work for a dealer for office furniture in Indiana. They’ll ask you questions, such as:

Budget – Are you looking for a table for the esteemed members of the corporate board? Choose a handsome wood table that speaks of professionalism and prosperity. However, if you want a table for workgroups to discuss collaboration, smaller and less expensive tables will serve that function.

Size of Group – The number of people attending meetings influences the size and type of table. Large groups need space. Multiple tables grouped in a square or one very long table are good options. Smaller groups can meet comfortably around a circular or square table. A good rule of thumb for rectangular tables is to add two feet to the length of the table for every two people (ex: you wish to seat six people, the table should be 8 feet in length.)

Purpose – What do you use your meeting room for? Formal meetings, informal gatherings, consultations, or workgroups? Formality requires more space per person, while a casual get-together allows people to rub elbows.

Talk to office professionals about the tables you wish to purchase for your company’s meeting rooms. Such professionals can offer you price-point, selection, and service.