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Open office space with rows of computer desks and loft windows

What Type of Office Desks Do You Need?

Office desks are one of the essential pieces of commercial office furniture. Whether you are in the market for brand new or are interested in saving money with pre-owned desks, they are necessary to ensure your staff can complete the work they are expected to do. Below are some of the most common types of desks and how they may benefit your office.

Straight Desks

Straight desks are the most basic style available. They are necessary for an office setting and can serve nearly every function. Their simplicity makes them easy to use and maintain. These desks have a single flat surface with some storage space underneath. Suitable for computer-related work, they take up the least amount of space while providing employees with enough surface area to do what they need.

L and U-Shaped Desks

Desks in the shape of the letter L can be useful in your office. They are very versatile and can fit into a variety of spaces. They also provide plenty of space to work, and computer work can easily be separated from paperwork.

U-shaped desks used in more of a managerial or executive setting. However, this style requires a larger space and may not be suitable for smaller office areas. A typical footprint for a U-shaped desk would be 6 feet wide by an overall length of 8.5 to 9.5 feet depending on several options.

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