Which Tables Are Best for Your Meeting Rooms

Office Furniture in IndianaThe classic table in a meeting room is that long rectangular conference table that boards of corporations, members of a work team, and lawyers and their clients gather around. However, that table can be an oval, circle, or even square depending on the purpose it serves. For help in making wise buying decisions, seek advice from professionals who work for a dealer for office furniture in Indiana. They’ll ask you questions, such as:

Budget – Are you looking for a table for the esteemed members of the corporate board? Choose a handsome wood table that speaks of professionalism and prosperity. However, if you want a table for workgroups to discuss collaboration, smaller and less expensive tables will serve that function.

Size of Group – The number of people attending meetings influences the size and type of table. Large groups need space. Multiple tables grouped in a square or one very long table are good options. Smaller groups can meet comfortably around a circular or square table. A good rule of thumb for rectangular tables is to add two feet to the length of the table for every two people (ex: you wish to seat six people, the table should be 8 feet in length.)

Purpose – What do you use your meeting room for? Formal meetings, informal gatherings, consultations, or workgroups? Formality requires more space per person, while a casual get-together allows people to rub elbows.

Talk to office professionals about the tables you wish to purchase for your company’s meeting rooms. Such professionals can offer you price-point, selection, and service.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Lobby Chair

Commercial Office FurnitureWho would think chairs would be so important? Actually, they are. For instance, when you work and sit in a chair all day long, it’s essential that piece of furniture is comfortable and functional. Just about everyone has a favorite chair at home – one that you always sit in to watch sports. The selection of commercial office furniture is equally important, but for different reasons. Take these factors into consideration when choosing the right chairs for your lobby:

Appearance – Customers, patients, and guests will see the chairs in the lobby when they first walk in. Consider the impression you are trying to create; fun, professional, or luxurious. You can add color or interesting shapes for fun, classic colors and styles for a professional look, or high-end chairs and sofas for luxury.

Comfort – Chairs that are easy to sit in are the ones that enhance the customer experience. Plus, it’s crucial to remember, the longer people sit and wait, the more thought you should give to comfort.

Number – A busy doctor’s office needs many more chairs than does a lawyer in private practice. However, the minimum amount is at least two for balance and surprise guests.

Length of Wait – When the wait time is short, the chairs don’t need deep padded cushions. A more functional chair suits this lobby perfectly well.

Look to an established office furniture dealer to answer questions and help you make selections that work for your business.

Make Sure Your Staff Has Comfortable Seating

Commercial Office FurnitureSince today’s office routines involve many sedentary tasks, the quality of your employees’ seating directly affects the quality of their work. Inadequate office chairs will adversely impact your team’s concentration and motivation. If you want to ensure that your company is better prepared to consistently deliver optimal output, you need to evaluate your seating situation.

Ergonomic desk chairs that feature adjustable seat and armrest heights while providing lumbar support will help your employees excel during long hours at their desks. This style of seating is a staple of commercial office furniture. With these chairs, your employees can comfortably settle into the day’s tasks and perform their best.

Workplace comfort facilitates productivity in more than one way. Padded, adjustable chairs make it easier for your employees to work at their desks. Comfort also enhances their sense of wellbeing. Your choice in seating ultimately translates to the positive atmosphere of the work environment.

Ergo Office Furniture LLC offers a variety of office chairs. We even provide quality pre-owned seating that allows you to make the most of your budget. An investment in comfortable office furniture is an investment in your staff. When you give your team the right seating, you are setting them up to be more positive and productive.

The Importance of Investing in New Office Furniture

Best Place to Buy Office FurnitureOffice furniture isn’t just about the bare mechanics of functional work stations. Yes, creating a space where your staff can accomplish the task at hand is the primary purpose of your office’s desks, chairs, and conference tables. However, your furniture is part of a bigger picture.

Maintaining employee morale and productivity is the delicate balance of ensuring a positive workplace culture, giving access to the necessary equipment to do the job, and providing comfortable furniture. Your staff needs seating and desks that are designed to promote the type of work you’re asking of them. Investing in new office furniture is a great way to accomplish that goal.

When you are looking for the best place to buy office furniture, keep Ergo Office Furniture LLC in mind. We offer the latest seating, desks, and more from top manufacturers. With these products, you not only receive comfortable furniture that is built to last. You are also getting stylish additions to your office.

By investing in new office furniture, you are helping to ensure that your team is better equipped to do the job. However, updated furniture also sends two critical messages. First, your company cares about its people, which is excellent for your recruiting efforts. Second, the purchase shows that business is going well, so you plan on sticking around.

Different Jobs Require Different Cubicles

The modern workplace is often made up of many employees undertaking a range of different tasks during the day.

At a call center, you can have hundreds of employees making and receiving calls throughout their shift. It can get quite noisy at times, and without the proper cubicles in place, there is a definite risk of cross-talk with the conversation from one call intruding upon one nearby.

People all speak at different volumes, and that’s why it’s best to have tall panels to provide the most effective sound isolation possible and ensure disrupting background noise on a call is kept to a minimum. This results in a better customer service experience for the center’s clients.

Now let’s consider someone whose job is not as reliant on the telephone, but who needs solitude nonetheless. An engineer or architect, for example, will undoubtedly benefit from tall cubicle panels that allow them to pursue their detail-oriented projects without interruption.

Some offices require a lot of interaction between staff, such as a newsroom. These businesses do well with lower panels, which encourage and enable the sharing of information.

A place such as Ergo Office Furniture LLC provides affordable pre-owned cubicles to meet all your needs.

Side view of an open space office

Optimizing Office Productivity

Optimizing employee productivity does not need to be complicated; there are several tips and tricks that we readily recommend to help you and your employees maintain a consistent workflow. First among them, ensuring that your employees can maintain their comfort while at their desk is of premier importance, so we wholeheartedly recommend you consider the best place to buy office furniture.

An employee who is not struggling with non-ergonomic furnishings is infinitely more likely to work well consistently. Therefore, it benefits you to ensure that everyone in your employ is working with only the finest in office furniture and amenities.

Beyond creating the best possible work environment for your employees, the secret to maintaining productivity is simple: communication. Supervisors and managers must maintain consistent connections with those working with them, ensuring that everyone understands precisely what they should be doing and the timeline for completion.

This process can be further empowered by improved performance analytics, time and attendance software, and other unobtrusive methods of performance tracking. Office productivity begins with the office space itself, starting with your comfort, and ends with every individual working on the same page to produce the best possible results.

Discover the best place to buy office furniture in Indianapolis, IN, and online. We love helping our customers maintain a happy, healthy work environment.

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4 Tips on Furnishing Your Conference Room

What is the most numerous piece of furniture in an office? If you answered chairs, you are right.

Think about it; there is at least one chair at each desk, and sometimes more. Then there are chairs around each conference table. (We are not even counting chairs in the break room or reception area.) Those numbers quickly add up and so can the bill if you buy brand new chairs, but a smart and effective option for furnishing your office and conference room is pre-owned office chairs.

The conference room is where meetings happen, and executives make decisions that drive the company forward. They want to focus on the task at hand, not on the chairs they are sitting in, so make sure you have the best possible chairs in place. Comfortable and supportive chairs are the key, and, of course, it certainly helps if all of the chairs match.

The other crucial element in a conference room is the very focal point — the table. It needs to be big enough to comfortably fit everyone in the meeting with room left over for visitors or guests. The table also needs to convey the mindset of your office; for example, a law firm is going to want a stately looking table, while a computer gaming company is likely going to follow a more whimsical and modern path.

Add the right communications equipment like a computer, projector, and conference-calling phone, and you are in business.

Pre-owned office chairs are an effective solution for furnishing your workplace. Find the pieces you need for your business at Ergo Office Furniture LLC.

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How to Measure Your Office to Make Sure Furniture Fits

The best place to buy office furniture is a dealer with high-quality products at reasonable prices. It is a simple answer, but when you think about it a bit more, there are other things to consider.

A great company gives you advice and guidance to pick the perfect furniture. They help you ensure that the desk or filing cabinet you are considering is going to fit your office. There is no point in buying a conference table only to find out when it arrives that it takes up so much room you cannot put chairs around it.

At Ergo Office Furniture, we would hate to see you in that situation, so our team has assembled some ideas to keep in mind when shopping for furniture. With the proper measurements in hand, you are sure to get the furniture you want in the sizes you need.

The Shape of Things to Come

Check to see if you have a CAD drawing of your space. That will provide exact measurements of the space, doors, columns, etc. If you do not have a CAD drawing:

First, measure the office; it is an obvious step but easy to overlook in the excitement of the moment. Once you have a baseline, measure some more to learn the size of the doors. It saves many headaches when you do not have to push and pull pieces through every opening forcefully. The shape of things to come to your office should not be incompatible with your space.

Buy pieces that are not overwhelming. You need to leave space for people to work comfortably and move around the office. Finally, choose storage options that are efficient and fit in well.

The best place to buy office furniture is a store that sells quality products at affordable prices. Shop with Ergo Office Furniture LLC today to find everything you need and more.

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What Size Desks Do Your Employees Need?

Choosing furniture for your business can be challenging, especially when you are shopping for a variety of different roles. The type of desk an office manager needs is very different from the desk that’s best-suited for a customer service rep. Either way, there are quite a few elements to consider before you decide on office furniture in Indiana.

For one thing, you need a good understanding of your business’s physical workspace. Not all offices are large enough to support an open concept-style setup–nor should they. If privacy, noise control, and security are concerns, it is a smart idea to opt for cubicles or divided desks – known as desking.

Another important factor is role. Managers and supervisors often require more storage space for paperwork, supplies, and accessories than the employees they supervise. Ensure they have enough storage by choosing desks that come with drawers, cabinets, and other nooks for day-to-day items.

Finally, consider your bottom line. If large tables and desks are what you need, you do not have to shell out to get them. Many office furniture suppliers carry preowned items that look and perform nearly as well as their newer counterparts. If you do not mind using preowned furniture, this option may be an excellent compromise for your budget.

Explore the many different types of office furniture in Indiana when you shop with Ergo Office Furniture today. You can save by investing in our pre-owned desks and tables whenever possible.

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How to Determine Your Office’s Furniture Needs

When you are searching for the best place to buy office furniture in Indiana, pricing is important, but it is not everything. It is also essential to consider your employees’ needs, especially in terms of physical space.

One way to do that is by thinking about their day-to-day routines. For example, if most of your team’s work involves sitting and typing, they may only need small, simple desks–especially if space is at a premium. On the other hand, if your team is regularly responsible for projects that require lots of counter space, you may want to invest in more spacious tables suitable for group work.

Another critical factor to consider is ergonomics. Desks with adjustable heights are perfect for employees who prefer to stand and work, as well as employees whose health concerns prevent them from sitting for long periods. Standing workstations are becoming more and more popular all of the time.

Finally, think about how frequently your team meets. If meetings are quite frequent, it is vital to have a decently sized table with comfortable chairs for everyone. Best of all, if you set this table up in a separate room, the space can double as a meeting area for guests, customers, and partners.

Find the best place to buy office furniture based on your needs when you shop at Ergo Office Furniture. Contact us today to inquire about all of our available products.