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Close up of a long meeting room table surrounded by armchairs with large windows

3 Tips for Designing Your Conference Room

The design of your conference room should be professional yet comfortable for everyone, from your clients to your employees. The design and furniture you use can make all the difference, and keeping your conference room up to date can minimize distractions during a meeting. Below are some tips to consider when designing your conference room.

  1. Consistency

When developing the design of your conference room, you want to ensure its furniture and appearance are consistent with the rest of the office. It does not have to be boring or blend in, but you do not want it to clash with the rest of the building’s theme.

  1. Natural Lighting

If possible, select a room that has a lot of natural lighting. This makes the room brighter and feels more open. When working in an office, many people do not get enough time outdoors, so having a beautiful view of the local scenery can help employees feel more comfortable during long meetings.

  1. Employee & Client Needs

When your employees and clients enter the room, what would make them most comfortable? Meetings are generally an hour long or more, so you want to ensure the seating is comfortable for long periods. You also want to ensure there is enough space for the group within the room and that they are not sitting elbow to elbow the entire time. Rule of thumb is to take the number of people you would like to seat and add two feet to the length of the table.

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